We’ve just posted 4 screencast video tutorials demonstrating the use of PrecisionImage.NET. The first video uses the interactive C# window of Microsoft’s Roslyn CTP to interactively demonstrate the basics of PrecisionImage.NET. If you are unsure of how to incorporate our SDK into your workflow, definitely take a look. It also shows how you can use Roslyn in combination with our SDK to implement your own interactive technical scripting environment to quickly try out ideas without the overhead of building a complete WPF application (very handy). The other 3 videos discuss the implementation of various processing pipelines, including the use of PrecisionImage.NET to process the depth data streaming from a Microsoft Kinect sensor bar, and a video showing a real-time enhancement pipeline for industrial radiography. The videos are much more dynamic and informative than the written tutorials.

All videos are generated at 1280 x 720 resolution, so be sure to scale the video output appropriately to get the best viewing quality. You can see the videos on our code examples page: